There are some ways Alchemist can be adjusted that certain workflows operating differently.

Mix setup

  • Use a different shell command for mix.
(setq alchemist-mix-command "/usr/local/bin/mix")
  • Use a different task for running tests.
(setq alchemist-mix-test-task "espec")
  • Use custom mix test task options.
(setq alchemist-mix-test-default-options '()) ;; default
  • Use a different environment variable in which mix tasks will run.

Mix tasks could always be executed in a specific environment with the usage of C-u (universal-argument). But if you like to change the run of Mix task permanently to a specific environment set it through the variable.

(setq alchemist-mix-env "prod")

IEx setup

  • Use a different shell command for iex.
(setq alchemist-iex-program-name "/usr/local/bin/iex") ;; default: iex

Execute setup

  • Use a different shell command for elixir.
(setq alchemist-execute-command "/usr/local/bin/elixir") ;; default: elixir

Compile setup

  • Use a different shell command for elixirc.
(setq alchemist-compile-command "/usr/local/bin/elixirc") ;; default: elixirc

Modeline setup

  • Disable the change of the modeline color with the last test run status.
(setq alchemist-test-status-modeline nil)


  • Use a different keybinding prefix than C-c a
(setq alchemist-key-command-prefix (kbd "C-c ,")) ;; default: (kbd "C-c a")

Testing Mode

  • Disable the use of a more significant syntax highlighting on functions like test, assert_* and refute_*
(setq alchemist-test-mode-highlight-tests nil) ;; default t
  • Don't ask to save changed file buffers before running tests.
(setq alchemist-test-ask-about-save nil)
  • Don't change the color of the mode-name when test run failed or passed.
(setq alchemist-test-status-modeline nil)
  • Show compilation output in test report.
(setq alchemist-test-display-compilation-output t)
  • Toggle truncating lines in test report.
(setq alchemist-test-truncate-lines nil) ;; default t


  • Run the whole test suite with alchemist-mix-test after saving a buffer.
(setq alchemist-hooks-test-on-save t)
  • Compile your project with alchemist-mix-compile after saving a buffer.
(setq alchemist-hooks-compile-on-save t)